Bronze Axes For Sale

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The study of the development of copper and then bronze axes provides an interesting window on the ability of the human mind to learn and master a new technological process. Relearning the same processes takes time and is a difficult path to follow.

Today it would be easy to reproduce bronze axes using modern silica casting mediums. However in my work I prefer to discover how the bronze artifacts would have been made at the time. I see my work as a tribute to skills of the early metal workers.
On the page below is a selection of axes which have been cast in methods as near possible to the originals this range will be continually added to.

Classic Thin butted Copper Axe 122mm


Decorated Flat Axe from Cumbria 178mm
Authentic hand struck decoration


Late Bronze Age Socket Axe 102mm
Cast in a stone mold

Axes can be provided hafted for an extra charge, either fully finished or in kit form.

Other products

Early Bronze Age Wessex Dagger 164mm
Authentic hand struck decoration.

In Development

I am currently exploring bronze mold technology. Above is a test casting of a late bronze age axe, this was the first casting from the mold below before the decoration was carved in the mold.

Research drawing of the prototype on which the axe is based.


Soon To Come

Classic Palstave Axe.

Please visit my new site to see and order my latest work.